The Carl Zeiss Standard Primes are 35mm format f2.0 lenses developed by Carl Zeiss for ARRI (then Arriex), and predate the original Zeiss f1.2 High Speed series (Super Speed in the U.S.). Information on when the original set was introduced is hard to come by. A safe guess is after 1964 and before 1975. It is likely that this set was just called something like the “Zeiss Primes for Arriex”, and once the High Speed lenses were introduced in 1975, they became the “Standard Primes”.


  • Set focal range : 16mm | 24mm | 32mm | 50mm | 85mm
  • Mount: PL
  • Top aperture: T2.1
  • Front diameter: 80mm
  • Image coverage: S35mm | 4k
  • Weight: 0.7kg | 1kg