Lomo Kinor 35

LOMO lenses are 35mm lenses made in the USSR,  LOMO stands for Leningrad Optical and Mechanical Factory or Leningradskoye Optiko-Mechanicheshkoye Obyedinenie. The factory was apparently founded in 1962, in the city now known as St Petersburg. LOMO created a lot of archetypical and interesting cameras over the years.
During WWII, the LOMO plant supplied the Soviet military with binoculars, rifle scopes, etc. After the war, the LOMO plant also created cinema and still photography lenses, microscopes, and telescopes.
After the fall of the Soviet Union, LOMO was privatized in 1993. Nowadays LOMO seems to have left all camera production behind and is focusing on scientific and industrial grade optics, featuring about 150 kinds of products.

You can find both spherical lenses and anamorphic lenses on the market nowadays. These are not attachments like the Kowas or the Iscoramas, they are proper lenses much like the Hawks or the Panavision C series.. to name but a few.


  • Set focal range : 18mm | 22mm | 28mm | 35mm| 50mm | 75mm | 100mm
  • Mount: PL
  • Top aperture: T2.3
  • Front diameter: 95mm
  • Image coverage: S35mm | 5k
  • Weight: 1.6kg | 2 kg