The CLAVIUS lenses by optics designer and manufacturer Richard Gale, are unlike any other lens system out there.

There are a rehouse of classic HELIOS lenses. This lenses are based on the Biotar formula has an interesting twirling bokeh. The lens itself is also reasonably sharp when stopped down. The focal length of 58mm is a bit unusual but comes in handy for portraiture shots. The Helios 44 is also very much appreciated among artistic photographers who relish its bokeh and color rendition. Lomographers will love this lens. If you want an unexpensive lens to experiment I would recommend getting this lens. The Helios is great if you want to try experiments and more artistic things.

They are the latest upgrade from past models like the Apogee, Optikov, or Trump series. The Clavius series is far superior in every way. The heart of the system is vintage 1970’s Russian glass, but everything else about them is modern. They all provide Full Frame sensor coverage, have PL mounts, 95mm fronts, durable and smooth mechanics, interchangeable rear lens elements, and ability to drop in a variety of iris disks to manipulate the bokeh. The most popular of which is the anamorphic squeeze disks (1.5X,2X,3X). Combine a streak filter with these lenses and crop the image to 2:40:1, and you have a very convincing anamorphic look using spherical lenses for a reasonable price.


  • Set focal range: 28mm | 38mm | 58mm | 88mm
  • Mount: PL
  • Top aperture: T2
  • Front diameter: 95mm
  • Image coverage: FF | 8K
  • Weight: 0,75kg | 1.3 kg
  • Aprox 50 iris disk options for bokeh manipulation